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Powerful Analysis and Statistics

Powerful Analysis

Get simple, powerful statistics about the quality of your service. See exactly what your customers think of you and compare yourself to your competitors.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Share your positive reviews on your website and social networks. Deal with problems and issues quickly and turn unhappy customers into happy ones.

Automated Reports

Automated Reports

All the facts and figures you need to manage your business at your fingertips. Keep tabs on your service levels in real time.

Key Features

Easy to Integrate

Install BenchMark reviews onto any website in minutes with our easy to install widgets.

BenchMark is designed to be simple to use and doesn’t require an overhaul of your website. It can be installed quickly meaning that your review system can be up and running in no time.

Powerful Analysis and Statistics

Without the facts at your fingertips it’s hard to know what your customers think of you.

Getting accurate, measurable statistics about your business puts you in a great position to improve your service. And, it can help you to generate customer referrals.

Automated Reports

BenchMark provides you with all the automated reports you need to manage your sales and service effectively.

With a brilliant range of reports and graphs available through BenchMark’s reporting suite, you’ll always be in control of the facts and information you need to grow your business.

Technical Support Team

After you’ve installed BenchMark, you’ll always have the peace of mind with our technical support team on hand to help you get the best out of the system.


You can promote your great service

BenchMark can share your positive testimonials on your website and on social networks. It gives you an easy way to let customers sing your praises online.

Positive results turn browsers into buyers

Good feedback and reviews is a powerful way of turning potential buyers into customers. Displaying positive comments gives browsers and window shoppers the confidence to buy. And, negative comments give customers a balanced view of your business.

Compare your results

BenchMark will collate your results and produce automated reports. This lets you compare your business against other dealers in the automotive industry to see how you fare against the industry average.

Root out problems and solve them

BenchMark helps you to identify problem areas within your business. Is one aspect of your service letting you down? BenchMark can pinpoint where you’re going wrong and let you tackle the issue. BenchMark also brings problems to your attention quickly. This allows you to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one.

Give your customers an incentive to recommend you

The majority of happy customers will recommend you to someone else – particularly if you incentivise them to do so. BenchMark helps you to identify who has loved your service and who is most likely to refer you to a friend or colleague.

Keep a strong focus on customer service

It’s easy to lose focus on customer service when you have lots of other priorities for your business. BenchMark provides a simple way for you to monitor the service levels you are providing. And, it keeps quality service at the top of your agenda.

BenchMark Reviews Customer Benefits

About us

We’re based in Nottingham and we’ve designed BenchMark to be easy to integrate and simple to use. BenchMark is the easy way to generate feedback and customer reviews and we’ll provide support and assistance every step of the way.

We’re committed to helping your customers give feedback on the service they have received from you. This helps other customers to make purchase decisions and can covert browsers into buyers.

To find out more, contact us.

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